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Hi Brandt!

Yes indeed! I use letters as drawing subjects for a reason. You are used to seeing letters and have a preconceived notion of how they should look. However, learning to draw requires artists to strip away preconceived ideas of how they think familiar things should look and instead look at them with fresh eyes - those of an artist! :o)

You have done an excellent job with this assignment and have dedicated considerable time. Your skills are far beyond those of a beginner! Most excellent!!!


I'd like to challenge you on a more advanced level by demonstrating a couple of "seeing as an artist" skills. Please examine the attached image and its short tutorial and then redraw an S, U, and J. You are welcome to resubmit your new drawings so I can see them! :o)


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BrandtF Nov.10th, 2012
Image added to Introduction to Drawing: RC101:5 Curved Lines and Shapes:

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