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Not being completed is not a problem - you'll learn more from slowly completing what you have time for than you will rushing your way through it. You've done a really job with this. The blacks could have been more dense, especially in the nostrils, but you're almost there.

Those black nostrils are really important. They will be the darkest value in the drawing so, because you've drawn them rather light, you've now restricted yourself to quite a narrow range of values for the rest of the drawing.

Working from the nose outwards to the right... You've maintained the curving highlight around the surrounding hair, and had a good try at defining each of the locks of hair. They lack a little three-dimensionality but I'm probably expecting too much given the time available to you. More important, the shading from the nose outwards is almost all blunt-ended - do try to feather the ends. Or, preferably, finish them in a sharp taper because some at least represent gaps between groups of hairs.

The sweeping locks to the left of the nose are well defined and you've managed to keep the edges of the vertical hanging lock sharp - although you have cut into it in places. Sharp edges were essential. It also nicely emerges from the shade above.

The mouth and tongue are excellent, and the shading at the top of the tongue signals that it in the shade of the top jaw, which gives depth and solid form, but it would have given a much greater three-dimensional sense if it had been darker... which it might have been if the nostrils had been black! :o)

Your indenting was a good idea but not indented deeply enough - when indenting, use as much pressure as your paper will stand.

Overall - Well done.

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