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A good result, Uta. You've found different techniques for the mortar and bricks that definitely work. The textures translate quite well - I could run my fingers over both and feel the grittiness of the mortar and the solidity of the bricks.

I think you probably did layer the bricks with a hard grade to remove the white, and it's definitely worked to make them look more solid.

And leaving white within the mortar was a good choice too, because the extra contrast obtained it is one of the things that makes it look different from the bricks. Three-dimensional modelling in the mortar is clearly recognisable, and your dark shadows beneath the bricks give excellent depth, as well as reinforcing the sharpness of the edges.

I really like this - well done!

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Uta Nov.29th, 2012
Image added to Drawing from Line to Life: DG201:5 Creative shading:

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