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Hello Nanni,
Congratulations you are off to a fabulous start to the shading and form class. Overall you are doing really well... the paper you are using is working fairly well for you:) and I just have a few tips and suggestions to help you even more. Please see the attachment and the suggestions below.

Smooth shading technique
Excellent effort! There are just a couple of things that you can do to create an even smoother appearance.
A- In a few places like this, the tones are patchy making them just a bit uneven. The aim is to create a area of even tone. Be sure that you are holding your pencil correctly. If you hold the pencil on too high of an angle, the pencil strokes will show. Rest the outside of your hand and your little finger on the page for stability. Keep your wrist stiff as you slide your entire hand up and down the page. Keep your strokes close together, using even pressure.
B- The white of the page is showing through a bit in places like this, you just need to stroke the page a bit longer so that the graphite gets down in to the little dips in the paper

Value Scale- Very good
C- the tones all look good however the level 5 and 6 are very similar, just darken the level 6 more.

Shading the curves exercise- Great work... well done on shading all of them to the correct tone!

Gradation- This is looking good, too, Darken the level 6 more though. In a few places the tone is patchy, you just needed to use even pressure as noted early.
E- the tones are uneven because you eased up on the pressure as you got to the outside edge:)
F- the tones could gradiate more slowly. Just ease up on the pressure as you enter the lighter tone. Take your 4B, 2B or HB as needed to refine and blend these areas more.

Soft edge- Very good, we just need to define it a bit more. Take your 2b and straddle the graphite part of the pencil over where the 2 tones meet and run it up and down the full length of the edge. I ‘d like to see the left side of it darkened to a level 6:)

Hard edge- Well done on shading right up to the line:) however the line is just a bit darker, it needs to be the same tone as the one beside it so it isn’t noticeable. Darken the tone on the left to a level 6.

Fantastic work overall, Nanni, you are off to a great start! If you decide to make any so the suggested changes I’d love to see them:)

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