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Hi Dan, Congratulations on a great start to the shading and form unit! Overall this is very good and you are practicing dthe techniques correctly. I have a question about your paper though. Can you tell me the type and the weight that you are using? I can see some shadows around the page and that can be a telltale sign of a thinner paper. We need to use a paper that is at least a 250 GSM otherwise the graphite will cause it to buckle. It also needs to be have a bit of tooth, but not be so rough that the graphite sits on top, it needs to get into the little dips in the paper. If the paper is too smooth, then the graphite particles will slide off. So the type of paper is very important, We know that the ones recommended work well for the smooth shading technique that we teach. Once I know the type of paper I’ll be able to help you even more

Smooth shading technique-Congratulations on gaining a fairly even mass of tone...lovely, there is some white of the page showing through and that could be caused because the paper is too rough, or it could be that you just need to stroke the page a bit more.

Value scale- Fantastic, all of them gradually get darker and you have anice range..perhaps you try darkening the level 6 just a bit more.

Curves- Fantastic! Excellent work on determining the tones required in each one. You’ve done a good job of shading each to the level of tone to match your value scale:) At the letter A- You can use your putty eraser to clean up any edges like this... gently swipe away the excess graphite. The other thing you can do when you are shading in a small area or close to edges is prepare your pencil with a chisel stroke. If the tone is darker and you are using a 2B or a 4B, you can just raise it up on more of an angle... you can only do that with the 2 and 4B pencils though because they are soft. Remember to use even pressure and to keep the strokes close together.

Gradation- You have done fairly well to create a gradation... however the shading looks a bit different here. The graphite seems to be down in the dips more... did you do something different in this area? At the letter B, notice the tones transition too quickly... you just need to ease up on the pressure as you head in to the lighter tone. You can take your 4B or 2B and refine the blend to make it subtler.

Soft edge and hard edge are good!

Great work overall! I see that you have uploaded your shaded shapes, too, I will have a closer look and will comment later this evening or tomorrow... fantastic start, Dan, congratulations!

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