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Hello Dan, well done! You have given your shaded shapes good form and they are beginning to look 3 dimensional. You have created some gorgeous gradations. Your smooth shading is improving too! Try darkening your level 5 and 6 tones to make your shapes look even more 3 dimensional. In some places the outline can still be seen very slightly. Just use shading instead to create outside edges...in areas that are in the full light area, use a thin strip of shading… then gradiate quickly into the level 1 area.

I am not entirely sure that your paper is giving you the best results. Do find that it is smudging quite a bit or it is hard to get the darker tones? Suitable paper is really important in order to achieve amazing realistic results.

Here are a few suggestions to help you refine your shapes further...

Cube- Cube- Looking good, the main thing here is to try making the hard edges crisper... and to shade right up to the outline in the same tone
A-The tones here have created an edge. There should just be as smooth gradation from the outer hard edge to the lighter tones. I think that you just raised your pencil up on too much of an angle trying to get close to an edge... you can do that with a soft pencil like a 2B or a 4B, but with an HB we need to prepare the tip with a chisel point. Putty back and then refine the blend with your 4B, 2Bor HB as required.
B-In these areas, you just eased up too much as you neared the outside edge... add more graphite to create a crisp hard edge by shading right up to the outline in the same tone
C- Create a crisp hard edge here... darken to a level 6 along it before gradiating out to the lighter tones
D- Use your putty eraser to lighten the tone in the middle to a 3 for a reflected light area.
E- Take your 2B to gently darken these corners to a level 5

Sphere- Excellent effort...I love that you have shaded it following the form:) The shadow shape needs adjusting though and the tones should go from a 1 slowly to a 2 then 3 and the quickly 4-5-6 and before gradiating out to the reflected light area. Try squinting...it helps to flatten the image making it more 2 dimensional helping you to see the shape of the shadows and the tones required in certain areas.

Cone and Cylinder-Very nice... just define the shadow edge a bit more, take your 2B ...straddle the graphite part over the two tones and run it up and down the edge a few times. It needs to be a bit wider.... it can be lighter as it nears the bottom of the shape but it must be generally darker than the rest of the form in that area. Well done on copying the shadow shapes:) Just darken the level 5 and 6 tones. The reflected light area is beautiful.

Overall, you are doing fantastic... shading takes time and patience:) it can’t be rushed:) Do you listen to ambient music when you shade Dan? If not I highly recommend it:)I am really looking forward to seeing your silver kettle. Have fun!

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