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Fantastic effort, Sarah! You’ve created some fantastic patterns and I can see that you were having some fun with it:) but it appears that mostly a single line like we use for writing rather than many soft shorter lines was used. It is very difficult to get the exact line or curve that we want when we use a single line that is why we use many strokes to achieve the final shape we want.

Essentially, what we are doing when we are using this sketching technique is making lots of smaller, light feathery strokes flicking our wrists almost like what you would do when petting an animal. Use your whole shoulder, not just your arm, stick your elbows out... as if they are wings. Try making many smaller light feathery strokes, stroking the page several times in around about the same place as you go, remembering to turn the paper as often as we need to so that it feels comfortable. Similar to what I have in the attachment at the letter A.. We do this because it works like the law of averages… and will help us to get the final shape that we want. After you have the shape… you can erase some of the unwanted lines. At the letter B- Some curves like these have flat spots. To create a nice flowing curve or circle just shorten the strokes and turn your page as you go, making sure to keep your hand inside the curve. Sometimes your page will even be upside down!

This sketching stroke just takes a bit of practice and some wrist flexibility:) It is such a pleasurable way to draw and gives our artwork a pleasing more professional look, so I think it would be great if you practiced it a bit more and then when you are ready, you are welcome to submit a few more curves so that I can help you a bit more.

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