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Hi Sarah, Great work... you have plotted the pattern very well... I can see that you used your artists language to help you to position each of the lines within the square:) You have used the method of comparing to your markings along the side very well... and of taking 2 measurements to plot dots along the curve beautifully. It is really good and that is quite an accomplishment because curves can be very challenging! There are just a couple of dots that could be adjusted slightly because the markings along the sides could have been more accurate. You can use your ruler to measure so that the halving and 1/4 way tabs are positioned accurately. Then you can use your artist eye to divide those as many times as you need to get the measurement that you want.
Please see the attachment and the letters below to help you even more....
A- measure from the side from exactly the adjusted 1/8 way mark
B- measure from just slightly above the adjusted 1/8 way mark
C-measure from exactly the adjusted 1/16 way mark along the side and from the top from not quite halfway between the 1/16 th and ΒΌ way mark.
D-Position slightly higher, compare to the marking along the side

What you have accomplished here is absolutely fantastic, Sarah... this is just something to keep in mind for the future. Keep going, have fun with your frog dog next week!

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Colebopper Dec.20th, 2012
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