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Hello Nanni, Gorgeous work! You have done really well to copy the shadow shapes and the tones required in certain areas to give them good form:)Your smooth shading technique is really really good! You are creating some lovely even masses of tone. The level 5 and 6 tones all need to be darker but you have done extremely well here considering your paper. When you get your new paper, achieving those darker tones will be much easier.

Overall you have created some really good shapes. There is just one little thing that you can do to refine them even more and that is to smooth the gradations... where I have marked the letter A, they need to transition to the lighter tones more slowly. You just need to blend a bit more in those areas. Take your HB, 2B or 4B depending on the tone you are working in to just smooth out the gradation. Use light pressure as you enter the lighter tone.

The other thing to be aware of is to use just shading to determine outside edges rather than a single outline. In some places the outline around the shapes is too prominent. You can just putty back the single outline to the level of tone beside it and you’ll be amazed at how more realistic the shapes will become:) In areas that are in the full light, use a thin strip of level 2 shading then gradiate quickly into the full light area.

Cylinder- Beautiful... just soften the edge (see B) just a bit more. Straddle the graphite part of your 2B across the two tones and run it up and down the full length of the edge.

Cube- Excellent smooth shading:) On the side closest to the viewer, try shading right up to the hard edge so that it is the same tone as the shading beside it. We shouldn’t be able to see the outline. Just darken along the hard edge to a level 6 before gradiating out to the lighter tones. Darken the corners at the bottom a bit as well

Sphere- Fantastic, excellent placement of the shadow shape! At the letter C- Blend all around the shadow shape, the tones on the underside need to gradiate from the shadow shape level 6 to a 5 then a 4 to create a reflected light area

Cone- This is really good too and you’ve positioned the shadow shape beautifully! The shadow edge can be softened a bit more, just run your 2B up and down it a couple of times just like at B for the Cylinder.

Excellent work overall, Nanni! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoy your family while you visit home. I’ll be travelling over Christmas and New Years too, so I might be a bit slower than usual to comment on work.
Have fun!

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