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Hello Sarah, Well done! You have created a couple of very good ellipses! It is such a hard shape to draw... I am very pleased with what you have accomplished. I have drawn over both of your ellipses with my technical tool to show you how well you’ve done.... and to show you where the line can be adjusted slightly. The second ellipse is really, really good:)! You have mostly risen up on a gentle slope til you reached the highest point... just the width of a pencil line is needed in places.
Drawing ellipses just takes practice, the more you practice drawing them, the more we train our artist eye to recognize the shape so that we can easily see where adjustments might be needed. I have a couple of tips to help you a bit more...

A-The ellipse comes out too far on this side. Measure so that the horizontal guideline is placed in the exact middle of the vertical guideline. There should be the same amount of distance on either side.
B-Here the line is doesn’t meet the top/bottom of the vertical line exactly.
C-This quadrant is very good, however there are 2 lines, you just needed to erase the top line... when you make an adjustment in the line remember to erase the line that you don’t want...otherwise it can be confusing.

Fantastic work overall! Congratulations!

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