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Wow Sarah, Outstanding work here! You have used the construction method and your pencil with great accuracy. This is a big accomplishment because you really had to think hard about the proportion of each shape where each needs to be positioned in relation to each other. Well done!

You have done extremely well to gain the correct angles in your drawing:)I am so impressed with the nose and eye area:)In the attachment, I have drawn a guideline from the top of the head to the tip of the nose... if you do that on your original reference image and your drawing, it will help you to easily gain the correct angle and to position the eye. It just gives you more to compare to:) Another place that a guideline is useful is in the angle of the legs... to gauge how much higher the ones on the left are. Tip- To test the angle, with your original image and your drawing side by side, lay your pencil over the angle in the original drawing and then carefully lift your pencil up off the page and being careful to keep the pencil at the same angle, lay it over the one in your drawing to see if it is the same. This is just a little extra information to make it easier next time... you have positioned all of the elements beautifully in your drawing:) Congratulations!!

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Colebopper Dec.23rd, 2012
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