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Fantastic Ray, You have achieved a very high degree of accuracy and I love to see the little dots and dashes ...because they tell me that you used the grid method and your artists language to accurately draw this challenging little drawing:) There are so many little details and lots of angles... well done! I just have a couple of little suggestions to help you even more, keep in mind that what you have accomplished here is absolutely fantastic for this level of the course so this is just to help you that little bit more:)
You’ve really thought very hard of where and what shape the eye is. The eye is the most important because we gravitate to it and our logical mind can tell very quickly whether it is believable or not. You’ve done well, just the little curved parts on either side could be adjusted... you can draw guidelines on both your drawing and the original like have done... this just gives you more to compare to. Excellent work here though... The other area is in the little feathers in the wing... the curves can be refined a bit. Curves are very tricky:) Try comparing the direction of them to where you are sitting... ask questions like, which way does this line curve... towards my kitchen or towards the hallway?
Overall this is absolutely fantastic, your comparision skills are really developing perfectly:) you are building all of the brain pathways that you need for drawing.. congratulations:) Keep going!

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