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Very good! Seriously strong dark tone with a smooth application.

Incidentally, during these critiques I will sometimes point out a "fault" that was not a part of the original brief. Don't worry - I just use these opportunities to pass on additional assistance.

EXERCISE 3/2 DARK to MID (2H layering)
This looks very intuitive and flowing. I can almost run my fingers over the bumps and hollows on this old weathered wood. However, a final layer of 2H (or a heavier layer, if you had applied one) would have removed the white and given it a very solid appearance. There is no white in wood.

Do be careful to not over-detail wood in a drawing. Here, where it's isolated, it works well, but wood rarely displays a very pronounced grain - although weathering can dig into the softer spring wood and create a more sculpted surface, which is how I'm reading yours. Wood tends to be a secondary element within a drawing so take care that it doesn't dominate the subject.

You've achieve some lovely three-dimensional form in this. The human brain always seeks understanding, so I can see subtle pits and hollows with shadows and highlights... even if you didn't intend them :o) That's one of things I like about creative shading - the result is very often surprising but effective. Some of your lines of shading show and are a distraction, but I do like this.

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