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Well done Sarah! This is very good, much better than you think:) You’ve achieved a very good degree of accuracy. Overall, you have used the grid method very well.... most of your angles are perfect; the curves are great, especially in the wing area. They are outstanding! You’ve positioned the eye beautifully. You can gain even more accuracy by dividing the markings along the side as many times as you need to. You’ve done a great job using your artists eye, try using diagonal lines and /or divide the square in quarters to give you more to compare to. See square B1. This really helps to position elements quickly and more easily especially in the areas that have more detail.

Here are a few suggestions to help you gain even more accuracy..

A Curve needs slight adjusting here... great job plotting the curves:)
B Excellent job positioning the eye, adjust this curve slightly otherwise it is great!
C Adjust outside edge
D these petals should be a bit lower, Try drawing a guideline like I have here on the original image... notice how they should be almost touching it:)
E- This shape needs adjusting. Curves can be really tricky. Try relating the direction of the curve compared to rooms in your house in relation to where you are sitting. For example ask yourself “ What direction is this curve, does it go towards my kitchen or the hallway?”
Great work overall, you are doing really well Sarah:) Have fun with your pencil strokes next week!

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Colebopper Jan.8th, 2013
Image added to Outline Drawing: DC102:4 U1-D-wk4:

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