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Hello Dan, This is an excellent effort and you have done very well considering the type of paper that you used for this drawing. Overall,you have done very well to see most of the shadow shapes:) to help give the kettle form, just a few of the shapes can be adjusted. The other thing to concentrate on is to darken all of the level 5 and 6 tones which would really make the image look more 3 dimensional and shiny It really helps to squint:)
The single pencil line around the shapes is a little too prominent. We aim to have no outline in shading instead, we define edges through variation in tones. We place a darker tone alongside a lighter tone to make an edge. When the outline is to define the outer edge of a shape, we vary the width of the line so that it is thinner, paler and tapered in areas where the light hits the form, then we shade a tiny strip alongside the edge in the same tone as the outline please see the images in your notes for an example of this. Variation in line is important and makes your drawings appear even more realistic. If you putty back some of the outlines and then shade up to the edge with the same level of tone as the outline you will be surprised how realistic the shape begins to look.
Here are a few more suggestions to help you...

A- Well done on seeing the shadow shape here, the shape of it just needs to be adjusted as shown to give it a rounded form. The tones need to be adjusted as well. The shadow shape should be a level 6 then gradiate out a 5 then a 4 to the reflected light area.
B-This tones in the front part of the handle are generally too light....t ry squinting as you look at the image in your notes to help you see the subtle transitions of tones required to make it look 3 dimensional.
C- The lid is similar to the sphere shape that we shaded in the shapes exercise... It needs to go from a level 1- full light area, gradually to a 2 then a 3 then very quickly from 4-5 then a 6 and gradiate out to the reflected light area. Take note of the shadow shape.
D- Look for shadow shapes here... darken to a level 6 before gradiating out to a 5. I love that you have shaded following the contours of the kettle though:) Darkening the shadow shape and also studying the image in your notes to see where you can add some highlights will make the kettle look shinier and will give the image more depth.
E- Fantastic hard edge and soft edges in this area:) darken the level 4, 5 and 6 tones to make it sparkle:)

See how the use of all the tones and shadow edges gives this kettle the illusion of metal? Keep squinting:) Overall this is an excellent effort! Keep practicing...

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