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Hello Dan, Overall this is an excellent effort and I can see improvement over the kettle. The paper is working better, but I would recommend that you try the papers recommended for the smooth shading technique for your final project. The outline around the shapes is too prominent, and you just needed to use shading instead. See the notes on the kettle:)
Other than that, the biggest thing here is that the image looks a bit flat and it isn’t as 3 dimensional as it could be. There are just a couple of things that you can do differently that will make a big difference. When we are using a photo as a reference we don’t copy it exactly because a photo is actually flat- more 2 dimensional… so when we are drawing something we have to make it look more realistic by combining what we see in the photo and what we know about the theory of light and shade. In the image in your notes, the light is shining from the left, so all of the tones should generally be lighter on the left side of the column fold than on the right. At the letter A-this fold is too dark, compare to the image in your notes:) and at the letter B, the tone of the reflected light area needs to be darker Making the reflected light area in the shadowed part the same tone as that in the full light area, causes the image to look a bit flat. .. darken slightly to a level 3 or even 4.
Overall, the gradations needed to be a touch more subtle especially in the main area of the fold see letter C; next time stop the shading just before the edge of the full light area and really ease off the pressure on the pencil as you make your way towards that area. If you use a cotton bud to blend then blend from the half tone areas into the full light area, that way there is a more gradual transition in tone. At the letter D- Darken to a level 6 all down this fold. At the letter E- The outside edge of this fold curves too much.
At the letter F- You have done well to see many of the shadow shapes here in this area. Study the image in your notes to help you see even more details that make up this area all along the hem. At he letter G- The level 6 tone here is nice and dark however the tone is uneven and some white of the page is showing between the strokes. This might be the best you could do with this paper:) but just to remind... make sure that you are holding your pencil correctly, keep your wrist stiff... as you slide your whole arm up and down the page. Use even pressure and keep the strokes close together.

Overall, I think you are doing great:) you can take the information that I’ve given you here and use for your shoe. I’ll have a look at the urn shortly and give you a few ideas there too

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