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Hello Nanni, You have made an excellent start on your kettle... there are just a few things that you can do to refine it further....your smooth shading is fantastic:) Absolutely beautiful! You have created some awesome soft and hard edges... your gradations are smooth. Absolutely wonderful, you have seen many of the shadow shapes too! The only thing that is missing here is the darker tones. We need to use all of the tones, 1 through 6 in order to create the illusion of 3 dimensions. All you need to do is to darken the level 5 and 6 tones and you’ll be amazed at how it’ll begin to look even more realistic:) Try squinting while you are looking at the reference photo to see the shadow shapes and tones.
Here are a few ideas...
A- Well done on seeing the shadow shape all along the handle.. just fdarken it to a level 6 before gradiating out to the reflected light area. This will give it a more rounded appearance.
B- Look for a level 6 shadow shape here, remember back to the sphere that we shaded in week 2
C- Awesome spout, just darken the tones to a level 6 along the hard edges before gradiating to a 5. This will make the spout really sparkle! Great soft edge here:) too!
D- The smooth shading in the body of the kettle is beautiful. I love that you’ve shaded following the form. To give the image more depth, look for the shadow shape here and adjust the tones.
E- Look for another level 6 shadow shape here
F- Well done on seeing this shadow shape... darken to a level 6. Compare the tones in the base of the kettle and the plug on the side in general to the image in your notes... darken the level 5 and 6 tones
G- Darken the cast shadow closest to the kettle and then slowly gradiate out to a level 5
You are almost there:) This is an excellent start, we just need to refine it a bit more. I think you'll be amazed to see how your kettle will really pop by jsut making these few adjustments. Please have a go and then re submit...

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