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Hello Nanni! Your urn is well on its way to being outstanding! I think that you just felt rushed for time, just a wee bit more work is left to do on it. The urn is quite a complicated drawing... there are lots of little details to shade Please don’t worry about how much time it takes, your classroom is closing but we can work outside of the classroom by email and you can complete the exercises in your own time. You can make any adjustments to your exercises, I’d love to see them if you do, but for sure I’d like you to be able to finish your final project. Would you like to do that Nanni?

Your smooth shading technique is excellent. Your gradations are smooth and the hard and soft edges are great! What you have accomplished so far is very good. There are a couple of things that you can do to refine your urn so that it appears more realistic. Some of the single outlines are too prominent, we want to use just shading to determine the outside edges. Just putty back the single outlines and shade to the same tone beside it and you will notice how much more realistic the urn will appear to be. The other main thing that you can do is to darken the level 4, 5 and 6 tones and also squint a bit to see all of the shadow shapes...just doing these small things will add depth and make your urn appear even more 3 dimensional. I am wondering if the paper you are using is making it hard to get the dark tones? Can you tell me if you were able to find the paper that I recommended?

Here are a few more tips and suggestions that you may want to try to refine your drawing just a little bit more...
A- The outline drawing needs adjusting here. This may have happened if your transferred lines got lost or were too light. If they were too light, you can try darkening them slightly... but remember in the lighter areas to putty them back so that the single outline isn’t noticeable and that they are the same tone as the shading along side.
B- Darken the very inside of the urn to a level 6 and look for a soft edge too. Study the tones that make up the area under the rim ... look for more little level 6 shadow shapes that make up this area.
C- Great job using tone to give the scallops a rounded look, just darken in some of the corners. Use your 4B with a sharpened tip to darken the level 6 in the cracks too. Look for a level 6 shadow shapes in places like here
D – This side of the urn needs to be generally darker, just add more graphite. Darken to a level 6 in these corners before gradiating out to slowly to a level 5 then a ( reflected light area) Squint to help you see the shadow shapes that give form to this area. Note how these areas should curve out more... compare to the original image in your notes
E - Look for a level 6 shadow shape here and darken the tones somewhat on this side.-Try squinting to help you see a few more shadow shapes and tones that make up this pedestal area
F- Darken the tones to a 6 closest to the object before gradiating out slowly to a 5

This is excellent effort, please have a go at the suggested changes, I think that you’ll be amazed at how just darkening in certain areas will make a huge difference.
You can email it to me when you are ready. Cheers, Tannis

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