Brenda Hoddinott   Comment Posted Feb.5th, 2013, viewed 127 times

Hi Aleksey!

This graduation looks great. I suspect the tooth of the paper is contributing to my not being able to see the hatching lines very well. Even so, as a relatively smooth graduation, the values flow nicely. :o)


Please make some time to practice this type of graduation a few more times. I suspect that the tooth of the paper won't be a problem if you draw the graduation larger.

I have attached a high resolution Jpeg of my finished graduation for you to use as a reference. I suspect some details get lost in the translation of a jpeg to a PDF file.

Please compare this image to your graduation to get a better idea of the differences. I promise - nailing this skill is well worth the extra time perfecting it! :o)

I am very happy to review more of your drawings of this skill if you would like to upload them. :o)

Please see image


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