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Hello Sarah, well done! You have created good three dimensional shapes. Excellent placement of the shadow shapes. There are just a few little things you can do to refine these. The single pencil line around the shapes is a little too prominent. We aim to have no outline in shading instead, we define edges through variation in tones. We place a darker tone alongside a lighter tone to make an edge. When the outline is to define the outer edge of a shape, we vary the width of the line so that it is thinner, paler and tapered in areas where the light hits the form, then we shade a tiny strip alongside the edge in the same tone as the outline please see the images in your notes for an example of this. Variation in line is important and makes your drawings appear even more realistic.If you putty back some of the outlines and then shade up to the edge with the same level of tone as the outline you will be surprised how realistic the shape begins to look.

A- I can see the direction in which you are shading. We want to create a nice even patch of tone instead. Make sure that you are holding your pencil correctly for the smooth shading technique. You can refer back to your week 5 Unit 1 notes to remind you. Shade with your whole arm not just your wrist. Keep it stiff. Use even pressure; keep your strokes close together.
B-The tones in this area need to gradiate more slowly. Take your 2B to blend them more.
C-There shouldn’t be a white line here, This could have been caused by not shading right up to the line, or if you transferred the shape and impression could have been left because of pressing too hard. Those leave white lines when we shade overtop of them and can be difficult to fill.
D- Well done in copying the shadow shape ... the tones are good too, just more graphite needs to be added to gently refine the gradations.. take your HB, 2B and 4B as required to refine. Try shading following the form. Notice in the lighter tones we can see the strokes:)
E-In places like this, you can clean up edges by just taking your putty eraser to gently swipe away any excess graphite.

Overall, this is fantastic work! Just a bit of refining and they will be perfect. I’d love it if you would have a go at some of the suggestions mainly so that you can see what just a bit of refining will do. If you do, I’d love to see them again.

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