Brenda Hoddinott   Comment Posted Feb.11th, 2013, viewed 120 times

Hi Aleksey!

From a distance, this drawing looks fine, but when I look a little closer, I see a few problems with the graduations not flowing as smoothly as they should. Hence, (sorry), this drawing should be redone. :o(

I have prepared an image for you (Aleksey 3) that will show you the sections of shading that appear to have hard edges rather than a smooth transition of values.

While you are working on this new drawing, I thought it would be appropriate to also fix a few problems with perspective. Hence, I have prepared a second image for you with a short perspective lesson (Aleksey 2).

You may find it easier to understand the perspective lesson if you find a cylindrical object and refer to it as you read my comments. Perspective has to be understood to be accurately rendered! :o)

I shall examine your tulip drawing tomorrow! :o)


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