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Hi Sarah congratulations on a fantastic drawing! You have successfully used the 5 major areas of light and shade and have copied the main shadow shapes beautifully to give excellent form to your kettle:) This truly is lovely! Your smooth shading technique is great, well done on using a full range of tones, your kettle has looks very 3 dimensional:) The only tone that is missing here is the level 1. The highlight on the handle and the highlight on the knob can be just left as the white of the page. You can also use your putty eraser to lift a few more highlights out in the body of the kettle. This would make it sparkle even more:) Here are a couple of minor things taht you can do to refine your image a wee bit more...
A-Excellent work, seeing and shading this shadow shape to a level 6, the tones just need to be blended more on either side of it as they gradiate out to the reflected light area.
B-Continue the shadow shape all the way to the left edge of the handle and shade to a level 6
C-The tones here need to gradiate more smoothly. Take your HB to refine and blend more. Study these areas a bit more to see the subtle tones and gradations that make up the area
D-Try squinting to see a small level 6 shadow shape here
E-Try creating a highlight on the screw by giving it a little swipe with the putty eraser.
F-Darken the cast shadow closest to the kettle to a level 6 then gradiate out slowly to a level 5
Your skills are really blossoming Sarah:) I am really impressed with the progress you are making:)

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