Brenda Hoddinott   Comment Posted Feb.19th, 2013, viewed 141 times

Hi Aleksey!

Excellent work on accurately drawing the mug according to the rules of perspective! Technically, the contours of this drawing look very professional. :o)

However, I still see problems with the graduations not flowing as smoothly as they should. This can be fixed by:

1. using a kneaded eraser to lighten the shading inside the opening of the mug and on its middle and right exterior.

2. adding graduated crosshatching values that flow smoothly from light to dark without leaving any stripes (seams) where different values meet.

I have prepared another image for you to demonstrate what I mean. Your drawing on the left has noticeable seams (stripes) between the different values. I have added a graduation of values to your drawing on the right so you can see how it should look when you have touched up the shading.

Don't worry about the shadow - just focus on making the shading on the mug itself graduate seamlessly rather than leaving seams. :o)

Than, please upload your drawing one more time so I know that you understand the concept of graduating values with crosshatching on an actual object. :o)


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