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Well done Sarah!
Your column fold looks great, but I think that when blending some of the hard edges may have become blurred. When blending we need to be very careful not to disturb it and if we do, then we need to go back in and make them crisp again.

Otherwise your drawing is fantastic with only a few adjustments ..
A-Look for a level 6 shadow shape here
B-The tones in this fold are too dark, study the image in your notes to see all of the little shadow shapes and subtle tones that make up this area
C-This strip of reflected light along the edge of this fold is a wee bit too wide
D-The tones here should gradate slowly out to the reflected light area.
I am really happy to see that you have seen and copied many of the shadow shapes in the bottom parts of the fold. Look for even more small ones all along the hem area. It is these small details that really add interest to our drawings:)

Fantastic work overall, Sarah! Have fun with your urn:)

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Colebopper Feb.21st, 2013
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