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Congratulations Sarah on a fantastic drawing.... you have used the 5 major areas of light and shade to give your urn good form. This is a challenging image to shade because there is so much detail… and you have done very well: )You have created some lovely gradations, hard and soft edges... and you have done well seeing and copying most of the shadow shapes:) Overall, what you have done here is great, there are just a few things that you can do to make it look even more 3 dimensional.... if you darken your level 5 and 6 tones more, and look for a few more shadow shapes in the right hand side of the pedestal area you will add more depth to your drawing.

Your smooth shading is looking very good... there are a few places that I can see the direction of the pencil strokes, I think that sometimes you are just shading with your wrist:) remember to keep your wrist stiff, use your whole arm as you go. Keep your strokes close together as you use even pressure, rest the outside of your hand on the page for stability. When shading in smaller areas you can use a chisel stroke and a small circular motion. In some areas the single outline around the outside edges is too prominent, you can putty those back and use shading instead. In the areas where the full light is, use a thin strip of level 2 and then gradiate quickly into the full light area.

A- Darken the deepest area inside the urn to a level 6 before gradating out to the lighter tones.
B-Look for a shadow edge here ...
C- The tones in some of the scallops like this one can be adjusted... note how the tones are darker in the corners and then gradate out to the lighter tones where the light is hitting, this gives them a slightly rounded appearance:) Compare the shadow shapes in this scallop to the image in your notes. Try to match the placement and tones as closely as possible
D-The thickness and placement of the level 6 in the cracks needs adjustment in some of the scallops like these, try using the sharpened tip of your 4b... compare to the image in your notes
E- These tones in these areas need to be darkened slightly -darken the reflected light areas to a level 3 or 4. There shouldn’t be any level 1 or2 tones on this side, because this side is in the shadow:)
F--The shadow shape / highlight area needs slight adjustment
G--Fantastic hard edge, the tones just need to gradate out more slowly on this side of it...
H- Look for more shadow shapes here and darken the tones somewhat on this side.-Try squinting to help you see the shadow shapes.

Overall, I am very happy with the progress you have made in the course:) Remember to squint to help you to see the tones a bit more, and when you are finished just take a moment to make sure that all the tones are in the right places... that the hard edges are nice and crisp, you can also go around the image with your H
B 2B and 4b as needed to refine and smooth the gradations where necessary.
I wish you all the best with your shoe..... smile as you shade:) it helps to relax all the muscles that you need to use :) I know that you will do a fabulous job, you have all the skills:) Have fun!

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