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Cindy Wider

Cindy Wider is an empathetic art educator with a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Specialising in teaching absolute beginners learn to draw and paint, she is naturally gifted to encourage. Cindy has successfully helped many people from all walks of life learn to draw and paint who previously believed they were not able to.

Cindy is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including government sponsorships and scholarships. She has been commissioned by major businesses such as the Microsoft Corporation and is represented in many collections around the world.

Her 42 week art course is fully comprehensive and encompasses popular methods and techniques that you need to be able to create original artworks. Cindy resides in Noosa Queensland Australia with her husband and two young daughters.

Cindy Wider's 'Draw and Paint In Your Pyjamas Complete Certificate Course' is uniquely designed to help you progress from a pre-beginner into an independent artist. You will be taken on a series of baby steps giving you the best possible chance of success. Her course is progressive and congruent, so that you can experience rapid growth along the way. Cindy will be there to tell you the things you have successfully achieved in your exercises each week and exactly where and how to improve your skills.

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Before and After Student Drawings

The following 'before' images presented here were completed prior to the student's first week of tuition. The 'after' drawings were completed after studying this course for a total of approximately 84 hours over 21 weeks.

People enter this course at various skill levels depending on where they are up to on their own personal creative journey and similar results are gained regardless of their level of ability to begin with. Most people who enter the course begin drawing at a twelve year old child level of ability and rapidly progress to drawing professional-standard drawings like these.

Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed (and am enjoying) being a student in your Draw in Your Pyjamas class!

For most of my life, I have had a compelling desire to learn to draw well, with a particular interest in realistic drawing. However, like many people, I was unsure that these skills could be learned, because most people think of art as something done by "gifted" people with innate talent, not something that can be taught effectively to a person of average abilities.

I was attracted first to your class by its unpretentious approach, and then by your absolute conviction that me and my fellow students could - and would - learn to draw realistically.

After only three months, I have learned to create graphite drawings that are realistic and detailed, and far exceed even my most optimistic expectations! Your clear, practical approach and supportiveness have enabled me and my classmates to achieve spectacular results.

As a graphic designer, I have worked with a number of people during my 20 year career who have attended art school and have advanced degrees in fine art, but the drawings I have produced in your class exceed any of the illustrations I have seen them do in quality, despite the years of training my colleagues have received.

I heartily recommend your course to anyone with a sincere desire to learn to draw well - and I am positive that as your students, they will be equally successful!

Amy Bryan - Brooklyn, NY ( online classroom student)

...I also want to tell you again how delighted I am with this course. I worked for so long in a field that consumed and exhausted me and was looking forward to having time to get back to more creative endeavors but couldn't seem to get my artistic mojo working. Just a few weeks of "showing up at the table" has helped me to focus on everyday things around me in a creative way -- to see the angles, shapes, highlights and shadows that make the commonplace unique and beautiful... I'm sitting here on a rainy day thrilled with the prospect of spending a few hours doing something that I truly enjoy and laughing out loud. Life is good!

I've had several "ah ha" moments while reading through your book and have seen numerous parallels in our respective journeys... I'm so pleased to have stumbled across Drawspace and your story!

lcmac - NYC USA
( online classroom student)

'Thank you very much, dear Cindy! It has been a pleasure working with you, along with my wonderful "international" group members! I am loving it!'

Adobeiro - Macau China
( online classroom student)

"Thank you so much for offering these courses Cindy! At first I was wondering what I was doing making pretty scribbles on paper, and then it just keeps building. With this week's assignment I can see where it is going and am seeing how each project builds on the previous one."

tonicangel - California USA
( online classroom student)

"I am so excited about my grade!!!!...thankyou!I could only reach this far with your constant encouragemnt and support and u made things so easy...... that it was achievable!!
I still cant believe i did the painting....:)

Capstar - Dubai
( online classroom student)

“I started Cindy’s beginning art class,’how to draw’, this is my first e-class, from the beginning, I wasn’t to sure why we were doing all of the lines, squiggles, etc, then towards the middle of the class, It became apparent, this is Cindy’s method of teaching control of the tools, the pencil, of learning to see, and of simply slowing down to do the current project. After I finished each project, we down loaded our work to Cindy, Cindy then reviewed the work, making very constructive comments and drawing with a purple pencil to correct my project. Once seeing the purple lines from Cindy, this again helped me to ’see’ the project in a more precise way.

Cindy spent a lot time with me, both in email and on her drawing site “Paint in your Pyjamas”, I really appreciate Cindy taking the time to help me refine my drawings. Cindy is very supportive, explains how to make the drawings better…Take the time to learn Cindy’s method, like Cindy says ‘just show up at the table”.

jackg - USA
( online classroom student)

“I do want to say a personal thank you to you, after years of trying to find a course that taught me actually how to paint, I’m so delighted to be doing your painting course…The way your course is written and structured is brilliant and I love the concept of the virtual classroom.

It’s the best course I’ve come across and exactly what I have been looking for. So I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you, I’m really enjoying finally learning how to paint and having the joy put back into my life!!”

Apollonia - UK
( online classroom student)

I have to tell you… I was a little worried about how difficult it might be to learn by correspondence and how the Interactive part of the course would work… I am pleasantly surprised that I am finding the instructions to be clear and concise. I am confident that you’ll pick up on any errors that I’m making and correct me… So thanks, and I am glad that I signed up!

tannis - Canada
( online classroom student)

“For the beginner initial learning can be a struggle (or it might just be me) but Cindy is unfailingly on hand to help, commiserate and support. She is a wonderfully dedicated teacher and both the quality of the teaching material and the level of support for my learning have exceeded all my expectations. To summarise: For me, Paint in your Pyjamas has been about more than just successful learning, it has been a life enhancing and deeply affecting experience.

My whole life seems richer for it and I can tell you it’s the best thing I have done in years.”

Carol Cassell - Australia

“Cindy is a great teacher… Her teaching methods are amazing. All the students achieve outstanding results… I must admit sometimes I think to myself, ‘I can’t do this’ but the continued encouragement we all get from Cindy makes it easier for all of us to complete our projects. We all realise that whatever we do is a challenge, we never give in and we all love the end results. Keep up the great work Cindy.

I do not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for guidance with their art. Pyjama Time is a new way of life, thank you. I am so blessed that you came into my life.”

Cathy Baker - Australia

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