MO110 Teacher assisted workshop

With Cindy Wider

No credits

Available for a limited time, in this workshop you can select any one of the 200 lessons available on the Drawing Lessons page then submit your final drawing for a professional critique by Cindy Wider. You can also ask questions about the lesson and receive feedback to help you improve your skills.

How does this workshop work?

  1. First of all you must register for the workshop.
  2. Choose your favourite drawing lesson from the Drawing Lessons page on Drawspace and complete the drawing (or submit a drawing from the lessons page that you completed previously.)
  3. Then you can scan your drawing at 300dpi on the colour setting (or take a digital photograph of your work; keep the camera steady and lens parallel to the image) then upload the image into the workshop area.
  4. Cindy Wider will comment on your work and give you valuable advice. You will be told about the things you have done correctly in the drawing as well as the exact areas you need to improve and how.
  5. You will be invited to either refine your drawing based on the advice given, or have another go at the lesson after being told which step you needed the first changes to be made. You will be advised on any changes that are needed with your technique in general.

Who can enrol in this course?

Anyone who wishes to improve their drawing skills in general, absolutely no experience is necessary. 

Cost of this workshop and time frame?

The cost of this course is $USD50 and you have two weeks to complete the one drawing. You will also receive as a complimentary gift; 'Paint In Your Pyjamas' the full e-book version of Cindy Wider’s book. There will also be an extra file to help you understand the process of learning to draw.

When does it begin?

Anytime that this workshop is on offer.

Make sure you have a scanner or digital camera to make a copy of your drawing and upload into the workshop classroom.

None at this time. Check back soon!